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What is Mekaverse? Everything You Need To Know

MekaVerse is an NFT project of 8,888 algorithmically generated robot warriors. Here’s a quick glance at the Mekaverse.

Who created the Mekaverse?

Matthieu Braccini and his partner, Mattey, founded MekaLabs, a company that developed the MekaVerse. Both worked as freelance graphic designers before founding the company.

The creation of the MekaVerse and their travels through Asia inspired by Japanese culture and the artistic qualities of anime and manga. In just over a month, they created 8,888 Mekas.

In October 2021, the MekaVerse collection was released for a mint price of 0.2 ETH per Meka. Miinded, a French development studio that has collaborated with other prominent NFT projects such as Pudgy Penguins, facilitated the launch.

MekaVerse is an NFT project of 8,888 algorithmically generated robot warriors.

The MekaVerse is home to a diverse population of NFTs known as Mekas. This name originates from the Japanese word for mecha, a giant robot controlled by humans and fought on Earth and beyond. The creators of the MekaVerse drew inspiration from this imaginative idea, creating their own Mekas to resemble pop-culture mecha.

Every Meka is algorithmically generated by computer code, resulting in a collection of uniquely individual pieces. The team’s artists finish each Meka with careful attention. By maintaining diversity and uniqueness across each NFT, the collection has a consistent look.

Beyond their NFTs, the team’s MekaVerse collection plans include apparel, 3D models, and other Meka-inspired ventures such as short films.

What makes the MekaVerse unique?

What is mekaverse?

Mekas are split up into four groups: Originals (OG), Mirages (MI), Gadians (GAI), and F-Nine (F9). The OG faction comprises nearly 4,500 Mekas. According to the background of the project, each of the MekaVerse’s factions has its own territory designated by factories. Each faction’s members aim to open the ‘Great Gate.’

OG Mekas are recognizable by their heavily armoured gear and stern countenances, while Mirage Mekas have more lightweight and aerodynamic equipment. Gadians look sleek and have large conical helmets. F9 Mekas, the rarest of the four factions, have round helmets and detailed body armour.

MekaVerse NFTs are controlled by Drivers, a term inspired by the fact that each Meka requires a human pilot. The MekaVerse lore is constantly changing, thanks to the community’s support.

The MekaVerse collection received a lot of interest from the NFT community right away. Within 24 hours of its initial announcement, the MekaVerse’s Discord channel had more than 20,000 members, and it quickly expanded to hundreds of thousands. The MekaVerse was one of the most popular NFT drops of 2021 as a result.

Why buy the MekaVerse?

Those who collect generative art or Japanese mecha stories may be interested in the MekaVerse project. Their 3D art is unique in style and meticulously designed by digital artists with a great deal of experience.

Those seeking to become part of the larger MekaVerse community and backstory may want to collect NFTs.

The MekaVerse community hopes to benefit from future ventures spun off from the original project while continuing to develop its backstory.

The MekaVerse’s development team has an ambitious vision and roadmap, thus making the direction of their project practically limitless.

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