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How to Get Paid in Bitcoin

How to get paid in bitcoin?

It’s no longer up to you or your personal investment philosophy whether or not you want to engage with cryptocurrency. Increasingly, employers are paying their employees in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

Despite the fact that fiat currency is still widely accepted, being paid in Bitcoin has surprising benefits.

Bitcoin payouts are becoming increasingly common, so here’s everything you need to know about legality, taxes, and security when receiving payment in Bitcoin.

How do you get paid in Bitcoin?


To receive a Bitcoin paycheck, OnJuno is the best option. Your employer may not be open to paying you in cryptocurrency just yet, but you can use an online platform like OnJuno to convert a portion or all of your salary into cryptocurrency and be paid in both fiat money and cryptocurrency if you desire.

The best thing about working with OnJuno is that you don’t have to set up a payment system more than once, as it works with your employer’s direct deposit to make direct, scheduled payments. You can, however, choose to be paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or a basket of currencies.

You can begin receiving your wages in Bitcoin as soon as you want, and it’s simple and seamless!

How to get paid in bitcoin: the basics

In order to receive payment in Bitcoin, all you need is a decentralized digital wallet. Employers can send their employees’ wages in Bitcoin through their digital wallets, or alternatively payroll companies like Bitwage can help them do so.

An invoice—multiple platforms and services offer cryptocurrency invoices now—should accompany your paycheck to provide you and your employer with a record of your payments.

It is unclear whether receiving wages in Bitcoin is lawful, given that there are no straightforward answers on the subject. Because most central banks around the world have not approved cryptocurrency as an official form of payment, payrolls are not able to rely on Bitcoin as a salary.

Furthermore, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not regulated internationally, which means that while they are not prohibited, they remain on the brink between legality and illegality.

With a typical paycheck, you must pay taxes on your cryptocurrency wages. You can read more about how to pay cryptocurrency taxes here. You can learn more about how difficult regular taxes are here.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being paid in Bitcoin?


Being compensated in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can offer some wonderful advantages.

One of the greatest benefits of being paid in Bitcoin is that you receive your payment immediately without a third party, such as a bank.

You also avoid chargebacks and other overhead fees and don’t usually need to pay a third party to handle your paychecks.

Finally, receiving payments in Bitcoin is safer and more secure than receiving them in traditional manner once your digital wallet is set up. It is one of the preferred methods for payment for some people.

Disadvantages of using paper money.

The primary drawback to being compensated in Bitcoin is that the worth of your wages can alter without warning. A week later, the value of Bitcoin might have dropped drastically, leaving you with just $5.

People are also able to preserve the value of their local currency when they are paid in it, as inflation does not affect cash as much as the cryptocurrency market does.

Having the ability to transform your regular paycheck of $1,000 into $5,000 in a few days is one of the advantages of being paid in Bitcoin.

On the other hand, those who oppose cryptocurrency compensation argue that it encourages gambling and may cause workers to lose their wages or be exposed to changing regulatory environments.

Even if you do not consider it dangerous, you will see that the world is changing, and being paid in cryptocurrency will likely become a more common choice for employees in the future.

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