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Binance Ban in Hong Kong: An Overview

The Hong Kong government is in the process of formulating regulations for the cryptocurrency market and consulting on retail investors’ participation.

Retail investors in Hong Kong are particularly concerned about whether Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, will face restrictions following the legislation.

Will Hong Kong issue a cryptocurrency license to Binance?

As of now, there are no indications that Binance or any of its affiliated entities will apply for the upcoming cryptocurrency exchange license in Hong Kong.

Therefore, it seems that Binance may operate as an “offshore exchange” not subject to local regulation in Hong Kong.

Binance has not expressed any stance on the Hong Kong government’s licensing initiative, nor has it made any functional adjustments.

In other words, Hong Kong users can “currently” continue to use various Binance features. However, Binance already terminated futures trading for Hong Kong users last year and recently ended its “Earn” product feature.

This article will discuss the operation of various Binance features in Hong Kong.

Binance Hong Kong Ban on Buying Cryptocurrencies

Currently, the Hong Kong government has not explicitly defined how to restrict the act of purchasing cryptocurrencies from “unlicensed exchanges,” meaning we cannot determine whether Binance’s cryptocurrency buying system will be affected.

However, considering that Binance may operate as an “offshore” exchange, it should not be affected for the time being.

Although the Hong Kong government has not announced specific regulatory details, it has mentioned in multiple government documents that it will regulate the types of cryptocurrencies offered by licensed exchanges.

In other words, locally licensed exchanges in Hong Kong may face restrictions on trading pairs and only be able to trade more “traditional” cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH.

Therefore, compared to Binance, local licensed exchanges may initially have fewer cryptocurrency options available for trading.

Binance Hong Kong Ban on P2P/C2C/OTC Trading Systems

The Hong Kong government has stated that it does not intend to regulate P2P/C2C trading systems (also known as “over-the-counter” or OTC trading).

Instead, the government prefers to regulate the act of “purchasing virtual currency assets directly with currency.”

As long as the Hong Kong government does not change its legislative direction, Hong Kong users should still be able to use Binance’s P2P/C2C features.

However, the absence of legislative regulation does not mean that traditional banks (such as HSBC, Standard Chartered, Hang Seng, Bank of China, etc.) will support or accept users using P2P/C2C trading and receiving funds from third parties.

Users conducting P2P/C2C transactions through any exchange (including Binance/Bybit, etc.) and transferring funds directly to traditional banks should still be aware of the associated risks.

Binance Hong Kong Ban on Futures Trading

Binance already stopped offering futures trading for Hong Kong users in 2022, which applies to all users, including beginners and VIPs.

This move covers all futures contracts, and no future Futures and Options trades using such derivatives will be accepted.

Binance Hong Kong Ban on NFT Systems

The Hong Kong government has clearly stated that it does not intend to regulate NFTs for now. Thus, Binance’s future NFT system, similar to its P2P features, should not be affected temporarily.

Binance Hong Kong Ban on Staking and Earn Features

The Hong Kong government has not yet provided detailed regulatory requirements for exchanges’ staking features.

In the latest consultation document from February 2023, it only mentioned that licensed platforms should not pledge/repledge assets deposited by users on the platform.

Binance already stopped its Earn savings feature for Hong Kong users about a month ago. However, this move is not solely aimed at Hong Kong; Binance also plans to terminate the Earn product feature in Australia. This is due to the tightening of cryptocurrency regulations not only in Hong Kong but also in other countries around the world.

Will Hong Kong legislate and regulate Binance?

As mentioned earlier, the primary target of Hong Kong’s cryptocurrency legislation and regulation is cryptocurrency exchanges headquartered in Hong Kong.

Currently, the Hong Kong government has not yet formulated regulations specifically targeting “foreign” cryptocurrency exchanges. There is also no related news regarding internet restrictions.

Based on the information currently available, local users in Hong Kong still have a good chance of using the features of overseas cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, if exchanges voluntarily terminate their services in Hong Kong or withdraw from the Hong Kong market, the situation could change.


The issue of Binance banning in Hong Kong varies in different functional aspects.

Although the Hong Kong government has not yet announced specific regulatory details, based on the current information, P2P/C2C and NFT features should remain unaffected for now. As for staking and Earn features, Binance has already limited their usage in Hong Kong.

In terms of futures trading, Binance has already ceased its availability for Hong Kong users.

As the Hong Kong government’s regulatory trends on the cryptocurrency market become clearer, investors and traders need to closely monitor changes in relevant regulations to ensure their trading activities comply with legal requirements.

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