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The Ultimate Guide to Axie Infinity and AXS Coin: Mastering the Game and its Currency in 2023

In recent years, Axie Infinity has emerged as one of the most popular games in the GameFi sector.

As a game built on the Ethereum network, players can earn cryptocurrency rewards through gameplay.

This article will provide an in-depth analysis of Axie Infinity and its associated cryptocurrencies, AXS and SLP, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the latest information on “AXS Coin.”

What’s Axie Infinity?

With the continuous development of blockchain technology, blockchain-based games are gaining increasing attention.

Axie Infinity, one of the most influential projects, aims to showcase the potential of blockchain technology through education and entertainment.

The two main cryptocurrencies in the game are the governance token AXS and the in-game asset token SLP.

What is AXS Coin?

AXS Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Axie Infinity Cosmos, used for governance and staking.

Players can stake their AXS coins to earn newly generated AXS.

In short, AXS Coin holds a crucial position within the game, allowing players to participate in governance and earn corresponding rewards.

Gameplay and Tutorial

Axie Infinity consists of various aspects, such as battling, breeding, land, and marketplace. Here’s a brief introduction to each aspect:

Battles: In-game pets (known as Axies) need to engage in battles to level up and enhance their abilities. Players can form battle teams based on their strategies and challenge other players.

Axie Infinity - Battle
Source: DigiParadise

Breeding: Players can breed their Axies to hatch new pets. Different Axie combinations may produce offspring with unique characteristics and abilities.

Axie Infinity - breeding
Source: Axie Infinity

Land: Land serves as the home for Axies, where players can construct buildings, plant crops, and more. Through in-game resources, lands can be upgraded to increase revenue.

Axie Infinity - Land
Source: Axie Infinity

Marketplace: The marketplace is a decentralized platform for trading Axies, land, and other game assets. It allows players to trade freely and serves as one of the ways to earn in-game revenue.

Axie Infinity Dual-Token System: Usage and Differences Between AXS Coin and SLP Coin

Axie Infinity Marketplace
Source: Zipmex

Axie Infinity is a popular GameFi game that uses a dual-token mechanism to reward players while ensuring the game’s stability.

This article will introduce the two tokens in Axie Infinity: AXS Coin and SLP Coin, their respective uses, and differences.

What is AXS Coin?

AXS Coin is the governance token of Axie Infinity, primarily used to support the game’s development and maintain the ecosystem.

Players holding AXS coins can participate in governance, suggest and vote on the game’s future development.

AXS - what's the use case
Source: Coinstats

Additionally, AXS coins can be staked to earn extra rewards.

What is SLP Coin?

SLP Coin, or Smooth Love Potion, is an in-game asset token in Axie Infinity.

Players can earn SLP coins by completing game tasks and participating in battles.

SLP coins are mainly used for in-game consumption, such as breeding Axies and purchasing in-game items.

Differences between AXS Coin and SLP Coin

Usage: AXS Coin is mainly used for governance and staking, while SLP Coin is primarily used for in-game consumption.

Value source: AXS Coin’s value stems from the development of the Axie Infinity ecosystem, while SLP Coin’s value is derived from in-game demand and supply.

AXS Coin and Axie Infinity: A Deep Dive into the Popular Blockchain Game

Axie Infinity, as a blockchain game, has attracted the attention of countless players in recent years.

AXS Coin, the game’s governance token, offers various functions and uses.

This article will explore the game’s content, the applications and value of AXS Coin, and provide helpful insights for those who are interested in this popular blockchain game.

Understanding Axie Infinity and Its Features

Axie Infinity is a game built on the Ethereum blockchain, with various game elements such as nurturing and battling, which has garnered a wide player base.

The in-game pets, called Axies, have unique genetic combinations.

Players can earn AXS coins through nurturing, trading, and other means.

Key Functions and Uses of AXS Coin

Governance: Axie Infinity implements decentralized governance, allowing AXS token holders to participate in voting and make decisions about the game’s development and upgrades.

Staking: AXS token holders can earn in-game rewards through staking without spending a lot of time playing the game.

Payments: Players can use AXS coins for various transactions and payments within the game.

Earning AXS Coins

Axie Infinity is well-known for its “Play to Earn (P2E)” model, which has provided many benefits for people with lower incomes, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The majority of players come from Southeast Asian countries, and they can earn AXS coins through the following methods:

  • Participating in battles
  • Winning matches
  • Taking care of and developing in-game land
  • Using the Axie Infinity trading market
  • Breeding pets

AXS Coin Mining Tutorial

Starting in October 2021, Axie Infinity introduced staking mining features, allowing users to earn more rewards by staking AXS coins.

AXA - Staking and Rewards
Source: Cryptopolitan

First, connect your wallet to the staking page, then choose the staking or redemption operation.

After staking, you’ll receive mining rewards, which will be displayed above the “Stake” button. You can choose to continue staking (Restake) to keep mining or claim the earned AXS coins back to your wallet (Claim).

The Development and Future Prospects of AXS Coin

The rise of AXS: From obscurity to prominence in the gaming industry

Axie Infinity has been operating since 2018 when blockchain games were not popular.

However, through continuous updates to game content and systems, Axie Infinity has grown from having fewer than a hundred players to being a popular game with hundreds of thousands of players in just a few years.

Assessing AXS’s development prospects

Although GameFi experienced a boom in late 2021, subsequent market fluctuations and environmental changes have caused the sector to decline.

Investors need to pay attention to the atmosphere and risks in the blockchain gaming market, which may have more variables than general public chain tokens and governance tokens.

Regarding AXS’s recent market situation, the following two points are worth noting:

  • The GameFi world still has many features waiting to be improved and opened, and the launch of new technologies may drive up the price of AXS coins.
  • The development of the entire blockchain gaming/decentralized gaming market will affect the entire sector’s currencies, including AXS. For example, ALICE, ENJ, MBOX, SAND, and others have a group effect.


Axie Infinity, as a blockchain game, has a strong player base and market potential.

AXS Coin, as the game’s governance token, has various functions and uses, attracting many players and investors.

However, investors should fully understand market risks and variables and implement risk management when investing in AXS Coin.

We hope this article helps readers who want to learn more about AXS Coin and Axie Infinity make informed decisions in their investment and gaming endeavors.

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